Are there any affordable Swiss Made watches?

You may have heard of Swiss-made luxury watch brands like Rolex, Omega, Breitling, IWC, Paneri, etc. The Swiss watch industry with more than 400 years of history, provides the impression of high quality, that consumers are willing to pay 20% or more for a Swiss-made watch.

Unfortunately, in many instances, the words to a certain extent become the marketing ploy. Those two words; “Swiss Made”, enable watchmakers to increase the price based solely on the Swiss reputation for quality. Have you ever thought of a Swiss-made watch at a reasonable price? Through our own in house manuafctruing and close realastionships with a few good Swiss brands, we wish to introduce you to quality and affordable Swiss-made watches.

Firstly, let's clarify what a Swiss Made watch really means and how the Swissness Regulation actually works. The definition of "Swiss Made". Under the new regulation issued by the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry in 2016, requires the following aspects of the “Swiss Made” watch needs to be;


- At least 60% of the production costs of a watch taken as a whole must be Swiss-based.
- The movement used in the watch (the engine) must still contain at least 50% Swiss-made components in value (not in quantity) and at least 60% of the movement’s production must be generated in Switzerland. All testing and adjusting must be Swiss based.
-The technical development of a “Swiss Made” watch and movement must be carried out in Switzerland.
The new regulations certainly strengthen the Swiss brand label and keep the value of “Swiss Made” watches high, in return it also assures high quality.


Boutique von Burg has a good selection of Swiss Made watches available for purchase. We would like to highlight two Affordable Swiss-made Brands today;


Manufacture George J von burg
Many Swiss Made Automatic Chronograph watches have purchase values of more than US$ 10,000. MGJVB is our own in house developed watch brand, dedicated to our founders key principles; quality, durability and affordability. Our aim is to provide the best quality automatic chronograph watches at affordable prices. Our watches are equipped with Swiss Made ETA/Valjoux 7750 automatic movements, using only top grade steel and leathers and come with a 2 year world wide warranty.
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Alexander is a collaboration between artists, designers, free thinkers, the movers and the shakers. They are more than a watch company , it is an open exchange of creativity and passion channeled into beautiful timepieces. One of their signature series ; the Monarch Collection is equipped with White Mother-of-Pearl Diamond Dials, priced at under US$1,000.

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