Gifting and Receiving Wristwatches

Gifting and receiving watches

Here at Boutique Von Burg we believe in Western tradition of marking occasions, such as weddings, graduation, and birthdays with gifts that say our time is valued and better spent together. With watches naturally being a ubiquitous reminder of time and the gift of a watch being a keepsake for the receiver there is no better way than to mark celebration with solemnity by gifting a wristwatch to your loved one.

Whilst it is known across some Asian cultures that to give a clock or watch may bring bad luck or mark the time of a relationship coming to an end, Mother Teresa is quoted as saying “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We only have today. Let us begin”, therefore why not live in the moment, marked with a timepiece, after-all each passing moment is all we have.

So if you are stumped for gift ideas and would like to commemorate an occasion, show someone how much they mean to you, and remind them of the time you spend together, here are some ideas for sentiment matched with occasions for you:


Gifting a watch to the young at birthday parties may be seen as a sign of hope that the parents wish their child will be instilled with a sense of value of their time with them and in life. It may also be the start of a family tradition and become a gift they cherish, later becoming a part of family heritage or a coming of age rite.


As graduates emerge and make the transition from student to the adult workplace the gift of a watch is something of a bittersweet tradition, marking both the completion of years of study but with a twinge of sadness that they will now have to keep to time regularly to attend working life

Weddings & Valentine’s Day

An intimate gift between lovers, the wristwatch marks the start of something special and perhaps intangible where time spent with a significant other has extra meaning and should be treasured


With some people just impossible to buy for, why not enquire about watches? Until recently I had never owned my own, but having been gifted one I feel somewhat naked without it – it adds ‘something else’ to the outfits I wear.

Have you ever gifted or received a wristwatch as a present? We would love to hear more and any stories or feedback you may have.