MGJVB - Carbon Fiber

MGJVB – Carbon Fiber

Whilst taking another look at the MGJVB collection I began to admire some of the black titanium-plated stainless steel designs of some of the watches. When advised to explore further I made some interesting discoveries about the watches and the materials used and, being a believer the idea that more information garners greater appreciation, I dug deeper. Read on to find out more about MGJVB!

A number of the MGJVB collection watches have carbon fiber watch dials, denoted by the carbon fiber pattern weave on them. Carbon fiber is a highly advanced material with properties such as high tensile strength, low weight, chemical resistance, high-temperature tolerance, and low thermal expansion, making it suitable for a number of purposes, as you will find out.

Originally produced in 1860, carbon fibers were initially made for use in lightbulbs. Perhaps unsurprisingly carbon fiber is created out of carbon atoms, which are bound together in crystals, which in turn are bundled into fibers which can be woven into a an incredibly tough fabric. These fibers area each very tiny, measuring only 5-10 micrometers in diameter, but when bundled up become part of something more.

Due to its properties, the material is very popular in areas such as aerospace, civil engineering, military, and motorsport, where it is often combined with other materials to make a composite. This stuff has been used to build the latest Formula 1 cars and fighter jets, and now there’s a piece of it in your watch! How cool is that?

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