MGJVB - Super-LumiNova

Whilst taking another look at the MGJVB collection I began to admire some of the black titanium-plated stainless steel designs of some of the watches. When advised to explore further I made some interesting discoveries about the watches and the materials used and, being a believer the idea that more information garners greater appreciation, I dug deeper. Read on to find out more about MGJVB!

The last material to be reviewed in the MGJVB collection is a Swiss-made photo-luminescent pigment called Super-LumiNova (a brand name) used for marking things like watch dials, hands, and bezels, as found here in orange below on the dial and hands of this MGJVB Men's Sport II Chronograph.

This material, Super-LumiNova, unlike its predecessors, is radiation and toxin-free, and was developed to replace radium-based luminous paint products.

Super-LumiNova is used to mark a number of instruments, scales, and jewelry, not just watches, and operates like a light battery - after sufficient activation by the sun or artificial light, the material glows in the dark for hours, with large markings visible for an entire night. This process is repeatable, and the material does not suffer from any ageing effects, it must, however, be protected against moisture. In the case of MGJVB, you need not worry, as this material, used for the watch markings, is protected by MGJVB’s water-resistant cases to 100m!

Examples of colours used include blue, green, and turquoise, with orange, as used on MGJVB being less commonly used.

This article covers just a small part of MGJVB but we hope you found it interesting. Stay tuned for more articles at Boutique Von Burg.