The Manufacture George J Von Burg (MGJVB) collection

As it’s one of our in-house brands I was curious to know more about the Manufacture George J Von Burg watches (MGJVB) which are intertwined with the history of Boutique Von Burg and seen as the elder brother to the Claro brand, which makes my favourite watch, the Sports Star Digital Automatic and now Beach Star Automatic. I decided therefore to delve into the history of MGJVB and Boutique Von Burg, and I bring some of that information to you now so you may too understand a little more about our watch collections.

This story begins then with the brand’s namesake, Mr. George Josef Von Burg, a Swiss watchmaker, who, having learned the trade of watchmaking from his Swiss father, became legendary during the 20th century, establishing several companies and private label brands during his early 20s and going on to establish 2 of the biggest companies in the mechanical movement industry during the 1950s and 60s – SEMAG, and CLARO (named after Claro in Switzerland). These companies would distribute movements and watches under various brand names all over the world.

Mr. Von Burg focussed on 4 key prinicples for his work; quality, precision, durability, and affordability. These principles were taken forward and combined with the Von Burg’s Swiss tradition of expert workmanship and quality to produce the Manufacture George Josef Von Burg collection. The MGJVB in-house designed and manufactured Swiss made mechanical watches were and are created for true watch enthusiasts who appreciate the subtle pleasure of owning and wearing a well-made quality timepiece.

If you browse our collection here (, you will notice that all MGJVB watches, originally designed as sports watches, belong to the chronograph family. Therefore, at the heart of every MGJVB automatic chronograph is the Valjoux 7750 automatic mechanical movement. This movement is extrememly reliable, and despite dating back to 1974 is still used in a great majority of today’s automatic mechanical chronographs and so is used here under tight quality control standards. For example, the balance wheel is so finely calibrated that is performs more than 345600 movements per day and is lubricated only with a single drop of oil!


The watches are truly a piece of art and sophistication, with a great deal of precision (one of Mr. Von Burg’s principles!) and thought having gone into the production process so that you may wear the watch with confidence. Humbly boasting a number of collections, from the simple yet detailed Modern Collection, to the stylistic Classic Collection, these watches bring quality (another prinicple!) in a number with a number of options, such as a variety of leather crocodile straps, options for stainless steel or 18K gold plated stainless steel, and bracelet options also available.



Ultimately, when you buy MGJVB you buy a slice of history and guaranteed quality backed by years spent in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of watches. With other in house brands, such as the Claro, also available, the MGJVB collection is seen as the older brother and something appealing to the higher range customer. Today, our companies have spread throughout the world and are still managed by the son and grandson of George Josef Von Burg, both of whom bear his name. Check out their collection here (

Thank you for reading, if there is anything else you would like to know or if you would like to see any specific content then please leave us a comment below!