The MGJVB Men’s Sport II SSB Automatic Chronograph Watch

The MGJVB Men’s Sport II SSB Automatic Chronograph Watch

Another watch promotion, only this time I’ve taken a dive into the MGJVB collection. Having recently written a piece on the history of MGJVB and why the collection is a slice of quality as well as history with the inclusion of the Valjoux 7750 movement, I thought I’d take a look and pick out my favourite, where the Men’s Sport II SSB Automatic Chronograph jumped out as a possibility. This watch can be found here

My choice of favourite MGJVB watch may have something to do with the fact it looks a little like my favourite Claro, i.e. it’s a silver sport watch, or it might be something about the sunburst blue sported on both dials that I really like, either way I like the colour, though the dial on the MGJVB version is a little more complicated with the addition of various chronographs and date-of-month, and day-of-week windows/indicators.

The watch comes with a silver tone stainless steel bracelet so immediately fits right in with a summertime sport feel, and overall gives the watch a sort of bulky yet classy look to it. I should know as I see it on my boss’ wrist everyday, but can assure you that has nothing to do with my choice for selection!

To me the only thing missing from this watch is a rotating bezel to complete its sport look as a Dive Watch but otherwise with it’s dome shaped crystal glass it has a really nice look about it.

I like this watch all the more for having done some research into the history of chronographs, see this article here(, as well as the history of the parts/movement behind it – the Valjoux 7750, see this article here ( It just goes to show how a little research into the history of items can really bring out their value. I hope you can find your value at Boutique Von Burg, thanks for reading!


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