The Summer Watch Collection - What makes a summer watch?

In case you missed it, or hadn’t noticed, we’ve been busy promoting watches for the coming summer. What makes a summer watch? You may well enquire, here at Boutique Von Burg we have selected a handful for you in our promotions, and we will explain what makes them summer favourites at this time of year.

1. Metal bracelets – sweat and heat resistant

Essential for summertime wear, the metal bracelet has a number of advantages to regular watch straps such as leather and rubber. Firstly metal will keep your wrist cool and is less prone to heating up than say leather or rubber, which are bound to generate and absorb a load of sweat as the day goes on. As the name suggests with most ‘stainless steel’ bracelets, they are not absorbent of sweat and will keep clean (with a little effort on your part too) throughout the summer.


2. Metal bracelets – catch the sun & breathable

Another benefit to metal bracelets for summertime is that they will catch and reflect the sun and offer a little bling as the sun shines. I believe this is an important look and goes naturally with what summer is all about. This is the summertime equivalent of needing to wear a dress watch for formal events. To some degree metal bracelets are also breathable where they have links and natural gaps. Examples include mesh bracelets, as found on the Stuhrling Legacy 747M here (, and at a great price.

3. Colourful face

If reflecting the sun is the job of the bracelet then amplifying colours and further bling is the job of the watch face. For that reason we like reflective faces, and coloured faces, for example as can be found in the Women's collection of pearlescent face watches, for example the women’s AD204B-02, colourful, shiny, and again, found at a wonderful price here (


4. Water resistance & dive watches

Let’s face it, summer is, or mostly should be, about getting outside, exploring, and sunshine. For some of us that means trips to the beach and other water based activities. As such the Dive Watch, fulfilling most of the above criteria, are relentlessly popular, and have been part of our promotions over the last few weeks. Specifically designed for wearing under the waves, Dive Watches, and their close relatives the Sports Watch tell something about the wearer and are especially suited for summertime and outdoors activity. They are amongst some of the more popular watches in our collection, which can be found here (

So that’s it, our criteria for the summertime watch, be sure to check out our collection here( and stay tuned for more watch promotions and giveaways.