Watch straps; a breakdown

Seen by many as a fashion statement unto themselves, wristwatch straps are a convienent way to accesorise your timepiece. So, confused between your ZULUs and your G10s? Know what to wear to that formal do? Fear not, here at Boutique Von Burg we are breaking down a short history of watch straps and what each one says about you. Read on for more, and learn about your watch.


1. Leather

When in doubt, get the leather out for formal occasions. Arguably the commonest choice, simple leather watch straps are the classic look for any watch that will smarten any outfit. With a wide range of leathers ranging in colour, far away origins, and sourced from exotic hides the options are numerous even down to the finishing stitching. This can add an extra pinch of style and talking points to tell your friends and admirers about. We recommend for formal dos and a simple classic look.

2. NATO Strap

With its background hailing from the British Ministry of Defence the NATO nylon watch strap (originally issued and termed as a G10) was designed as a durable and quickly interchangeable part for military issue watches. Increasingly popularised by the advent of social media these watch straps have become a fashion statement in their own right. Coming in a range of colours and stripes their ability to be swapped at ease means many watch owners keep several straps for different occasions. This watch strap therefore speaks of keeping to trend and adaptability with a single watch.

3. Zulu Strap

The younger brother of the NATO strap, Zulu straps are beefier nylon or leather bands designed for durability and a casual feel. Adopted by many for their practicality and security they give watches a chunky look at the wrist, drawing extra attention. More dressed down than the NATO strap, the Zulu is for casual occasions and the rugged outdoors.


4. Rubber

Made from various rubbers and originally developed for sports and diving, the rubber wrist strap is a casual look and feel strap that is easily customisable for the wearer’s style. This style again can fit in anywhere, except perhaps the formal party.

5. Metal Bracelet

Resistant to sweat, wear and stretching. A metal strap immediately adds weight and lends a sense of strength to any watch. Classically seen on sports watches, some say they improve the overall look and can make a watch appear more expensive. On a practical level they are easier to clean and maintain, and therefore wearers may be percieved as more practical as well as sporty. To be worn with anything except black tie.

What strap do you wear with your watch? Leave a comment below!