What does wearing a wristwatch say about you?

With the advent of the mobile phone, access to a time keeping device has never been so common, yet with the time so readily available on our handsets, what is the need for the everyday wrist watch, and what does wearing one say about you?

1. Personal style

With watches no longer necessary to keep the time on oneself, wearing a wristwatch can say nothing more than the wearer has their own sense of style and they are willing to make a personal, visible statement about themselves and their everyday wear.

2. Conscious of time

A visible watch is a moment-by-moment reminder of the time and its movement. It’s possible that those who are reminded of the time in this manner are more conscious of how they use it, and perceive it differently.


3. Punctual

Subsequently it is often the case that those who wear watches are perceived as more punctual and professional. This could go a long way at your next job interview!

4. Practical

With an accessorised time keeping device observers may be inquisitive as to a person’s extra use for it. Perhaps you engage in sporting activities, or just need your watch to sneak discreet peeks at when the end of the working day is approaching!

5. Fashion conscious

Chances are if someone is wearing a wrist watch they would have done their research and have some sense of fashion with when to wear a watch in order to dress up or down, or simply to match outfits.

6. Creates an impression

With all these factors in mind it is undoubtable that adding a wristwatch to your outfit speaks to others and will make a lasting impression, instilling a sense of confidence in others, as well as being a talking piece for you amongst your fellow man.

What does your wristwatch say about you? We would love to hear, leave a comment below.