Why buy a mechanical watch?

With the advent of newer technologies such as quartz watches and digital smartwatches, both more accurate and often with greater functions than their mechanical brother, some watch buyers may question why consider a mechanical watch at all? Here at Boutique Von Burg we like to provide answers so please read on for our top reasons for going mechanical automatic.


1. Tradition

According to guiness world records the earliest wristwatch, a mechanical piece, was first made in the early 19th century. Although initially worn only by women watches have since surpassed their basic function of telling the time to be included as a fashion piece in their own right. By adorning a mechanical timepiece the wearer acknowledges the history of timekeeping, and is acknowledged in return with impression they create.


2. Work of art

With over one hundred moving parts in the most basic of wristwatches many of them become intricate works of art as manufacturers strive to out-compete one another both in intricacy and detail in the watches they produce. Many additional components beyond simple time-telling, known as complications, are also added, further increasing the overall detail as well as complexity of the watch. Subsequently mechanical watches are often shown off with skeletonised dials and clear casing to allow visualisation of the parts. The result is that some mechanical watches are stunning works of beauty compared to the quartz and smartwatch timepieces.

3. Smooth second hand

It may seem silly but there is something about the smooth running and continuous ticking and running of a mechanical watch’s second hand that adds extra detail and a reminder that the internal components are still working away smoothly.



4. Bulkier

Due to the number of parts contained in a mechanical watch they are naturally bulkier than the quartz or smartwatch time pieces. This may not be practical for some, but for the rest the size and weight gives a sense of sturdyness, as well as draws the eye from others, setting a good impression – see “What does your watch say about you..”.


5. Less commonly worn

With the majority of watches being quartz and now smartwatches the mechanical watch on your wrist now sets you apart from the typical wearer. This makes for an interesting talking point amongst your friends and anyone who cares to listen.

That’s it from us for now, stay tuned for more articles and more promotions!