Why I like the Claro Sports Star Digital Automatic watch


1. The Shape

With a cushion cased rectangular-ish profile this watch immediately caught my eye and something intuitive told me, nay, yelled at me, it was a bit more retro than most. Indeed, popular in the 1960s and 70s this watch took after those cushion-style cased watches from the 1940s, originally most commonly seen on dive, and other sport watches. A slightly domed window completes the bubble look and creates a really sleek design.

2. The Dial and Colour

The cool sunburst blue face of my favourite Claro Sports Star might be enough on its own to make me buy it. The dial runs a mechanical digital display – two rotating discs showing the hour and minutes – revolutionary for its time and something completely different, becoming very popular in the 1970s.

3. The Material

Fashioned from stainless steel, and sporting a metallic bracelet this watch is flash and certainly carries a little ‘bling’ to it. I really think overall it is a beautiful piece though I may have to work up to wearing one as currently I am in love with my Aviator from Alexander, something a little more subtle.



4. The Watch is Mechanical Automatic

I have never owned a mechanical watch and I think they are just a work of art and far more interesting than quartz timepieces, especially with the Claro sporting a window to the mechanics on the back. With the smooth running second hand around the dial this undoubtedly sets your watch apart from the all too common quartz your friends probably have.

As mentioned, overall I think this watch is beautiful, classy and to me just says beachwear and sunshine. Find yours here(https://www.boutiquevonburg.com/men-s-sports-star-blue-dial-automatic-watch).


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